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Hello, my name is Daniel, and I tell stories through video.  Your wedding should be no different.  

Recently, I noticed how wedding videos had been turning into beauty reels to show off on social media, instead of diving into deeper, more lasting potential. Instead of just creating a highlight of that day, why not create a video, a STORY, of the happy couple, a story they can share with their kids, a TRUE How I Met Your Mother?  

In essence, on top of a beautifully shot highlight of the actual day of the wedding, I wanted to go deeper - what are you feeling at this moment?  How did you two meet?  What about the proposal?  Funny stories?  

My mission is to craft a wedding video that captures the core of YOU as a couple, and sharing that with the world.  You deserve it.

I promise, too, as a film professional of over 5 years now, you'll still get jaw-dropping, beautiful shots too!

Sara & Zach

Heidi & Dustin


"This video completely captures the perfection of our wedding day! Thank you so much Daniel for capturing our story so beautifully!"

- Adrienne

"Thanks for making my wedding video dreams come true. I'm so happy Dustin and I have this to remember our perfect day."

- Heidi

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Let's talk about your day

Thanks! Be in touch soon!

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